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Finding Accommodation


Moving to the UK is a big step, as there are so many different aspects of life to consider. One of the most important, and one that can cause the most stress or worry in travellers, is finding a place to call home (or home away from home). 


Everyone wants accommodation that is clean, comfortable, has all the amenities required, is safe and secure, and can act as a base from which to experience a new culture and make new friends. London and the UK is full of undesirable, sub-standard places to live owned or managed by unscrupulous landlords, for whom the concept of maintenance is a long distant memory that languishes behind profit. I’m sure you have heard of landlords or letting agencies who demand 6 months worth of rent up front as a deposit to move in, justifying it by stating you have no bank account or credit history in the UK. 


However, what we have outlined above is not the only scenario in which you can source property. There are thousands of welcoming landlords with great places for you to move into and live while in the UK, it can sometimes be a bit of a slog to find such places. Not only can Transition II UK can help you open your bank account on arrival in the UK and get your job search underway, but we can also introduce you to one such landlord to help your search for a place to live!


Here at Transition we have teamed up with Arrive Homes, a well established accommodation provider who have first hand experience of needing (and finding) a place to live upon arrival into the UK for the first time. 


Arrive Homes was set up in 2009 by two teachers with a passion for property. They had realised there was an opportunity to provide good standard accommodation at affordable rates in desirable locations within London. The business has grown by listening to their customers and responding quickly and efficiently to the ever changing needs of the property industry. Arrive Homes help teachers and other professionals find accommodation in house shares across London. These are set up and managed by Arrive Homes. Typically, houses accommodate between 4 to 6 people.


They have extensive knowledge of all the pitfalls that face young professionals who arrive into the UK, which can be found on their great website - click here 


London is a diverse and multicultural city. It is busy, fast paced and steeped in history.

There is so much to do it is impossible to know where to start! It is well known for its vibrant restaurants and bars, through to lively festivals/gigs of all genres as well as many theatres and cinemas.


So what better way to get your adventure off to the best possible start by knowing you can enjoy all that is on offer without having to worry about where you will be living after your one week stay at a grotty hostel is up? We can arrange for your place to live prior to your arrival, with no fear of having to pay for 6 months rent in advance or getting tied into long term contracts. Please get in touch today on if you have any particular accommodation requests and we will point you in the right direction!


“Working through Transition has allowed me to retain a higher percentage of my income and with a more professional approach than my previous supplier, happy to recommend.”

Alastair, London (NZer)

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“London is great but I wound up on emergency tax without a bank account and I lost a great deal of money, when my friends were all high earners.”

Brian, London (Aust)

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