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Our team are from New Zealand and Australia and understand how complicated it can be to set yourself up in the UK. Over the past decade we’ve developed some firm relationships with leading banks, travel companies, and insurance and foreign exchange providers. We’re proud to be able to pass the combined benefits of these over to you in the form of a relocation pack at no cost – making your Transition to the UK smooth and straight forward. 


We’ve partnered with HSBC and are delighted to be able to offer an HSBC account to our contracting professionals. Avoid carrying cash by registering with us and requesting a free relocation pack which includes a fully functional HSBC account, enabling you to make international payments and receive money from overseas at no cost. Best of all, the account can be set up same day, you simply need to take in your passport and a letter from T2UK confirming your address.    

The relocation pack contains:

  • Face-to-face meeting in central London
  • HSBC bank account
  • National Insurance number (guidance)
  • Foreign currency advice
  • CV template (initial review)
  • International sim card
  • Tube map


“Working through Transition has allowed me to retain a higher percentage of my income and with a more professional approach than my previous supplier, happy to recommend.”

Alastair, London (NZer)

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UK Horror Stories

“London is great but I wound up on emergency tax without a bank account and I lost a great deal of money, when my friends were all high earners.”

Brian, London (Aust)

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