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Sparties and Trabants - Only in Budapest!


So, you’ve saved a few bucks, pounds, dollars and shekels with T2UK top tax tips and you want to reward yourself for your thriftiness with a weekend away. Why not get yourself a cheap flight to Budapest and see just how quirky this former communist capital city can be!


Treasure Hunt in a Trabant!

Don’t get stuck in a dreary museum, castle or shops - there’s far more fun to be had exploring the quirkier side of Buda and Pest with a more unusual mode of transport.Forget buses and trams and look for Segway tours, chairlifts, bike tours, boat cruises and heli tours which will all give you a great first impression of this amazing Hungarian city.


Better still, why not rent a Trabant? These iconic East German cars frequently featured in comedy sketches, but they are now trendy collectors’ items.


After an initial driving lesson, you can drive through beautiful countryside beside the River Danube to a Renaissance restaurant in Visegrad where a Royal Feast awaits. Costumes are provided for those who want to really get into the spirit of living like a Lord! Take part in a Knight’s Tournament, and if your feasting and merrymaking leaves you over-the-limit for driving home, you can return to Budapest by ferry on the Danube.


Your faithful “Trabbi” can also be used to take part in a Treasure Hunt where various tasks must be completed as you explore the sights in the area.


Ready to Sparty?

If you like to party, then you’ll love to Sparty! These Saturday night pool parties take place in Budapest’s thermal baths, either at Szechenyi or Lukacs Baths. Organized by Cinetrip, the great party music is accompanied by a spectacular LED lights show which transforms the baths into a surreal psychedelicdream world without the drugs!

Dress code is easy – bring a swimsuit, towel and flipflops. The warm thermal waters ensure you’ll be warm enough even if the temperatures outside are sub-zero!


Down Under in Budapest!

Those same thermal spa waters are responsible for carving out many natural caves around Budapest which have to be seen to be believed. Discovered by accident in the 1900s, the two most famous cave systems in the hills of Buda are the Pál-völgyi Stalactite Cave and the Szemlő-hegyi Cave.


The Pál-völgyi Cave is the longest cave in the area stretching over 4 miles (7km). It is a labyrinth of multi-level caves and passageways decorated with clusters of stalactites and amazing rock formations that are literally“as old as the hills!” Expect to do some climbing and squeezing along narrow passages on this 45-minute guided tour.

If you are interested in crystals then the unusually beautiful Szemlő-hegyi Cave is for you. It’s an easy one hour walk through the airy caves, admiring the beautiful crystal formations as you go.


Another underground treat is a tour of the caves and cellars beneath Castle Hill. This 6-mile long labyrinth was a prison in the 15th century when its most infamous prisoner was Vlad Tepes, a.k.a. Count Dracula. It has also been used as a harem, a military base and a hospital during World War 2. Guided tours are available daily but the lantern-lit tours at night are truly awesome!


The Invisible Museum

If you’re still “in the dark” about what you want to do in Budapest, consider the Invisible Museum. It’s the chance to appreciate what it would be like to live life in the dark, as a blind person. Your guide takes you up stairs and through various furnished rooms as you navigate around familiar objects. Of course, you’ll need to think up a suitably impressive story to explain those impressive bruises from bumping into things!

The visit ends in a café where you have a drink and snack – still in total darkness. Optional extras are a massage in the dark and an Invisible Dinner.


Top T2UK Travel Tip 

Budapest is known for its high quality craft beers such as Foti, Legenda and Tavoli which can be sampled in most pubs.Cheers! or should we say “Egészségedre!”


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