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What type of contract roles are there in the UK?


Contract workers are the backbone of project work in the UK economy. From Tier 1 enterprise- scale behemoths to small upwardly mobile start-ups who need some skill-specific expertise on a short-term basis; it’s through projects that growth, consolidation and profits are realised. Skilled and experienced professionals like you are in demand.

The bulk of contract professionals in the UK are found in the following areas:

IT - Every company in every sector needs IT support and this area’s market share is vast. Whether it’s Banking, Law, Publishing, Heavy Industry, Energy or Aerospace (to name a few) there’s a need for a myriad of IT professionals in various disciplines: Technical Support, Software Development, Website Design, Project/Programme Management, Network Engineering, Business Analysis or all-round IT Department Management - the list is endless. No matter what job role you cover, there’s a role for you in the UK.

Finance, Accounting & Banking - After IT, the highest demand for contract professionals is in this area. Again, there’s demand from Tier 1 conglomerates to small businesses with less than 10 staff that don’t have in-house expertise. The City of London is one of the top 3 financial centres in the world. It’s home to thousands of Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Stock Brokers, Ratings Agencies and Law Firms - all of which require experienced Accountants, Finance Managers and back-office support staff to meet their staffing needs. If you’re not from a specific financial services’ background but have experience in accounting and financial management, you’ll find a whole host of other industries with a position for you in both the public and private sectors.

Management Consultancy - Management consultants provide objective advice, expertise and specialist skills with the aim of creating value, maximising growth and improving their client’s business performance. Consultants operate across a wide variety of services, including: business strategy, marketing, financial and management controls, human resources, information technology, e-business and operations and supply-chain management. 99% of the largest companies and industries will have a presence in the UK. Within these, there’s a need for skilled and qualified professionals to work on a contract basis.

Engineering - As in the other areas, there are a variety of sectors and companies that require Engineers on an ad-hoc, project basis. Experience and skills are in demand across a variety of disciplines, including: Civil, Mechanical, Structural, Electrical and Chemical Engineering. Not as London-centric as the other 3 areas, but it’s still a significant and sought after profession.

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