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Radiography market in the UK


The UK is home to 60 million people, with pretty much all in need of medical aid at some point. It is home to the National Health Service, which is now the world’s largest publicly funded service. The NHS employs over 1.7 million, with just under half of these clinically qualified in their field. As one of the largest employers in the world, it advertises over 20,000 vacancies every month, offering both permanent and contract/locum opportunities covering the entire geographical region of the UK. It is the very definition of an equal opportunities employer, with it’s staff sourced from across the globe, including thousands from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada.
Within this is the discipline of Radiography, which is a rapidly growing profession where job security is second to none. The number of radiographers that the National Health Service requires is growing on a monthly basis and here at Transition we have seen several of our antipodean clients gain great contracts with very little difficulty or time out between positions.
Radiographers are at the heart of modern medicine, using the very latest in expensive, cutting edge technology as they are essential for delivering fast, accurate diagnosis of trauma and/or disease, and for the treatment and care for patients with cancer.
Transition can assist Diagnostic radiographers finding work in the following modalities; x-ray, ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) and mammography.
Transition also assist Therapeutic radiographers to work as part of the multidisciplinary cancer team, supporting patients and their families through the entire cancer journey.
There is a UK wide shortage of sonographers that is leading to severe difficulties for many NHS Trusts and Health Boards in meeting increasing demand, government targets and delivery of the national obstetric and vascular screening programmes. New national protocols relating to, for example, stroke management and the post ‘NHS Next Stage Review’ imperative to provide for services to be delivered in primary care further increase the problems.
Current numbers of sonographers in training are barely keeping up with wastage, therefore demand for sonographers is evident.
The majority of vacancies do arise within the NHS, however there are also requirements within independent and private health care services; higher education; research establishments and other fields, such as the armed forces, the medical centres of prisons, customs and excise who control the UK borders, industry and commerce and veterinary practices.
Both diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers may work as clinicians, managers, researchers and educators.
Diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers are also engaged in research and development to continue to build the knowledge necessary for evidenced based practice. They are also responsible for educating, training and mentoring radiographers and others so that patients receive the highest quality and standard of radiography.
For Radiographers who are looking to move abroad to use their skills whilst seeing the another part of the world, the UK represents a fantastic land of opportunity, where there is no geographical bias towards one location or area like in other professions, such as Finance being centred around London.
Here at Transition we can put you in touch with the UK's leading specialist recruitment agencies who cover all disciplines of Allied Health Professionals including Radiography, who are currently recruiting to the NHS, private organisations and charitable organisations, offering fantastic locum opportunities. Please get in touch today by sending your CV or any questions you may have to


“Working through Transition has allowed me to retain a higher percentage of my income and with a more professional approach than my previous supplier, happy to recommend.”

Alastair, London (NZer)

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