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Tax Returns at Home while working in the UK


In the UK, it is not obligatory for every worker to file a personal tax return each year, which is different to what is required back in Australia or New Zealand. The UK is also slightly different in that if a UK national goes abroad to work they do not necessarily have to complete a UK tax return each year to HMRC, whereas for Australians and New Zealanders working in the UK there is a commitment to report on worldwide income earned outside their home country.

For Australians, the ATO asks that if you remain an Australian resident while working overseas, you must declare your worldwide income each year (both assessable income and exempt foreign employment income), even if the payments were subject to the relevant local tax at source (where you earned the income). However, if you have paid tax on your foreign income, you may be in line to receive an Australian foreign income tax offset, which provides relief from double taxation.

In order to report your overseas employment income, it must be filed in your annual Australian tax return. Please see the following link. 

More info from the ATO 

For New Zealanders earning income, the question of whether you need to file a tax return or not depends on your New Zealand resident or non-resident for tax purposes. Typically you will remain an NZ resident for tax purposes if you are overseas for less than 325 days of a 12 month period, for example if you are working 3 months offshore and then going back to your home. 

In this instance it would mean you are an NZ resident for tax purposes who is earning money overseas, and therefore has to declare on the year end tax return by March 31. For more info on how to confirm your residency status, please look at this page on the New Zealand Inland Revenue website.

More info from the NZ Inland Revenue


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